Sonny Landreth: Slide Guitar Tips And Tricks

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Here’s an awesome instructional video where slide guitar titan Sonny Landreth demonstrates some of his techniques. In the video, he is playing everything using the open E tuning.

Topics covered:

  • Intonation and pitch (Sonny says he’s still working in it, too heh heh)
  • Tunings that Sonny Landreth prefers
  • Importance of vibrato (with a cool intonation/vibrato exercise using harmonics)
  • Where to place the slide when playing notes
  • The “evil” 3rd
  • His delta influences and the slides vocals qualities
  • ¬†Slow and fast vibrato
  • Using the thumb as an anchor for vibrato
  • Sliding slightly above or below the target note
  • How to construct a pleasing solo
  • Using the contrast between vibrato or no vibrato
  • Gaining control of slide guitar with muting (right and left-hand muting)
  • Variations with and open muting style or a full choke (and more in between)
  • The Chet Atkins approach to the picking hand
  • Fretting behind the slide (especially to get a 7th)
  • The power behind using repeating patterns and octaves
  • Alternating between slide notes and fretted notes
  • How heavy strings can transform your playing (and give you broader range)