“Rocky Mountain Way” Part 2

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Here’s how to play it:

  • Step 1: Begin just like you did in part one by creating a strong vibrato on the 12th fret of the D string and holding it.
  • Step 2: We’ll then do a very quick slide from the 12th to 10th fret on the B string. We’ll then switch to the G string and slide back up to the 12th fret. While our slide is still on the 12th fret we’ll pick the G and D strings, switch to the A string, and back to the G and D strings with a strong vibrato.
  • Step 3: A 2nd phrase begins on the A string. Do a quick slide to the 10th fret coming down from the 12th then do a brief rest. Next, perform a slow slide from the 8th fret back up to the 10th then do another short rest. This series of notes act as a pick-up line that lead-in to step 4.
  • Step 4: The last four notes are very similar to the ending in part 1. The only difference is there is no slide into the final note on the 12th fret. Start on the 12th fret of the D string, slide down to the 10th, switch to the A string to sound the 12th fret


  • Think of these two measures a variation of the musical ideas introduced in part 1.