“Rocky Mountain Way” Part 3

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This is part three (out of four) for the intro solo in the song “Rocky Mountain Way” by Joe Walsh

Here’s how to play it:

  • Step 1: There’s a very quick slide from the 12th fret down to the 10th fret on the D string. You’ll do this three times in a row.
  • Step 2: There’s a slight pick-up note on the 12th of the A string, but the main part is the slide from the 10th fret up to the 12th that occurs on the D string. Hit the 12th fret note again and apply strong vibrato. This ends the first phrase.
  • Step 3: In the 2nd measure we’ll skip to the G string by sliding up to the 12th fret from about the 11th fret. Then, slide all the way down to sound the open string.
  • Step 4: Begin on the 12th fret of the B string. Then, hit the 12th fret on the G string and quickly slide down to the 10th fret and back up to the 12th fret. End with a note on the 12th fret of the D string. Apply heavy vibrato on this note.


  • This is a playful part. These two measures act as a call and response situation.
  • Those rests in the first measure are super important! The slides on the D string, down from the 12th down to the 10th fret, are performed quickly. To get the rest, you’ll want to cut off the note on the 10th quickly by muting.